• Ride the turbulent waters
    of innovation with MA3X

MA3X is an innovation consultancy which explore and map innovation opportunities. The aim is to help businesses and organisations to:

  • identify ideas and innovation arenas that are particularly promising.
  • build a common vision among colleagues or with external partners.
  • validate the value of an innovative proposition before investing in it.


Ethnographic field research
Technology investigation
Socio-technical trajectories
Actor-network analysis
Market analysis
Foresight study
Social responsibility study
Scenario building


Everyday activities

People, technology and the activities that unite them are at the center of the analysis.

Creative visioning

We explore the unknown in search of game-changing opportunities.

Thick data

We collect thick data by observing people in context and interviewing experts.


We apply a wide variety of perspectives to determine which are most important for any particular innovation domain.

Rich visualization

A variety of visualization techniques are used to communicate clearly and handle complex information.

Big data

By running advanced analytical software on big data we extract and discover insights about trends in people, culture and technology.


innovation mapping process
  1. Observe the present situation

  2. Track down the past

  3. Uncover determinants and project

  4. Develop vision

  5. Backcast vision



Our services are based on a powerful and flexible methodological framework which can be adapted to different domains of innovation and the needs of the client. The framework was developed by the founder, Max Munnecke, in his PhD study:

Everyday-Oriented Innovation

– towards a  methodology framework for exploring and mapping radical innovation opportunities within everyday activties.